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Ideal for

·         collagen induction therapy
·         sun damage
·         aging / rhytids (wrinkles)
·         hyperpigmentaion / hypo pigmentation
·         rosacea
·         problematic skin
·         enlarged pores
·         scarring
·         alopecia
·         hair regeneration
·         striae (stretchmarks)

I am now offering this treatment in my salon, in which a pen is glided over the skin and microscopic channels are lightly stamped into the skin’s matrix stimulating a wound healing response with intense, renewal, repair and rejuvenation. Natural growth factors are released to stimulate reformation and deposition of fresh, restructuring collagen.

The spring loaded microderm needle cartridge use electrically charged automation to revolutionalise skin needling procedures on the face and body. Unlike the derma rollers larger perforation which pierces the skin at an angle, the dermapen leaves a vertical, pinhole wound, protecting against tearing, meaning there is less down time for the client. 

There are a number of benefits to the Dermapen™. These include:

Fractional skin rejuvenation
Increased client comfort
Reduced downtime
Simple to use
Reduced epidermal damage
Can treat all skin types

Simple to use, the pen is glided over the skin, and microscopic channels are lightly stamped into the skins’ matrix stimulating a skin response with intense cosmetic effects.

Dermapen™ can help with a number of different skin conditions. Dermapen™ treats all naturally occurring skin issues.